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Date of Birth


Father Name

Sri.G.Radhakrishna Murthy

Wife Name

Dr.G.Ratna – M.D. (OBst & Gynic)

Permanent Address

D.No.29-28-73, Dasarivari Street,


Suryaraopet, Vijayawada-520 002.

Mother Tongue




Languages known(Speak, Read & write)

Telugu, English and Hindi


MBBS-May 1974. Andhra Medical College, AU.


M.D. – Internal Medicine -1979, AMC, Vizag-Andhra University



Date of Joining Service


As a Tutor

07-04-1979 to 24-10-1979 at Rangaraya Medical College, Kakinada

As Assistant Professor

24-10-1979 to 22-05-1983 – Asst.Professor of Medicine, Andhra Medical College, Visakhapatnam


23-05-1983 to 20-05-1984 – As a Medical Officer – PHC, Munchingput


21-05-1984 to 1998 – As Assistant Professor of Medicine, University General Hospital, Vijayawada.

As Associate Professor



As Professor of Medicine

HOD of Medicine

Principal (FAC)


Superintendent (FAC)


Additional Director of Medical Education (ADME)

Appointment as Professor Emeritus

1998-1999 – As Associate Professor of Medicine, Siddhartha Medical College, Vijayawada

1999 -2004, SMC, Vijayawada.


SMC, Vijayawada (from 01-07-2004 to 31-10-2006 & 01-05-2008 to 25-06-2008)

Govt. General Hospital, Vijayawada

(01-11-2006 to 28-08-2008)

30-05-2009 to 31-08-2010, Supdt.,GGH


Dr NTRUHS, 04-03-2011

Examiner for MBBS & MD (Gen.Med)

Dr.NTRUHS Medical Colleges and PG Examiner for M.D.,

Rajiv Gandhi University, Gulberga, Karnataka

Dr.MGR University, Chennai



Life Member for the following:

  1. IMA –AP8392
  2. API-National –L516
  3. API- State – L0082
  4. IRA – LM456
  5. A.P.G.D.A. – State Vice President, 2005


Training Programmes

Attended ICDS Training Programme

Participation in National and International Conferences:

  1. Attended three international Conferences in Medicine
  2. Attended regularly National Conferences associated Physicians of India and State Conferences of A.P.I. from 1979 to till 2012.
  3. Attended regularly National Conferences on Diabetes from 1985 to till 2012.
  4. Conducted APAPICON State Chapter, Vijayawada – 18th & 19th Aug,2006
  5. Conducted Silver Jubilee Celebrations of SMC, Vijayawada
  6. Attended International Conference of Diabetes (IDF) at Torrento, Canada -2008.


Professional Publications:

  1. PROGNOSTIC EVALUATION OF CPK IN CSF IN CVS , - National Conference of API, Trivendrum,1980.
  5. A STUDY OF PARTIAL HANGING TREATMENT WITH NIMODIPINE – Presented at Mid term conference in 1990.
  7. LATE PRESENTATION OF BOCHDALEK HERNIA WITH SPLENIC HERNIATIONPublished in Journal Indian Academy of Clinical Medicine
  8.  IODISED SALT – BOON OR BANE Accepted for publication Journal of Dr. NTR University of Health Sciences   4th August, 2013


  1. Dr.Srinivasan Memorial Oration on 13-08-2003 at Kakinada – Travials Physician’s Journey
  2. Guest Lecture on Lepto Spirosis -APAPICON, Tirupathi, 2004
  3. Dr Sajja Sudhaka Rao Gold Medal Oration – Sweet and Bitter sides of Diabetes on 02-12-2007 at IMA, Chirala.
  4. Vakamudi Tripura Sundari Memorial Endowment Oration – Man –Malaria-Millenium at GGH, Guntur.
  5. Dr.P.Dakshina Murthy Gold Medal Lecture – 15-08-2010, IMA, Tenali – Malaria
  6. Dr Yallapragada Subba Rao Memorial Oration – 07-11-2010, IMA Vijayawada – Stemcell – Bench to Bedside
  7. Lifetime Achievement Award –Roots Health Services Awardees -2010 – Best Physician, Vijayawada -11-07-2010.
  8. GSL Govt. Medical College – CME on Infectious Diseases – 13-02-2011 – Malaria & Man.
  9. Hypothyroidism – Guest Lecture APAPICON,August 7th & 8th ,2010
  10. Dr Yallapragada Subba Rao Memorial Oration – 11-12-2011, IMA Vijayawada – Foundations, Achevements and Limitations of Modern Medicine
  11. Dr Satyavathi Devi Memorial Gold Medal Endowment Lecture on 06 – 01 – 2013 at IMA TENALI
  12. History of Medical Genetics – Plenary session – GENOMICS 2013 –National Seminar at Acharya Nagarjuna University on 13 – 04 – 2013


Guest Speaker, Panelist, Case Presentations, Chairperson at various Continuous Medical Education Programs, Symposia and Electronic Media

  1. Leukemia and Lymphoma (Host Panel Discussion, 1991- VSKP)
  2. acute Renal Failure (Panel Discussion IMA/Host , VSKP)
  3. Diuretics in Clinical Cardiology (IMA – VJA 1986)
  4. Anaphylaxis, IMA, Feb’87 , VJA , College of General Practitioners, Vijayawada
  5. Conducted 24 C.M.E.Programme for Internees and I.M.A. College and General Practitioners
  6. Radio Talks; Gave Radio Talks on Common Health Problems in All India Radio (Hepatitis, Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart Diseases, Rabies Etc.)
  7. Conducted many panel Discussions in Diabetes in I.M.A.Branches and Medical Colleges.
  8. Presented 80 cases in the Academy of Medical Science, SMC from 1989 to 2010 and Founder President of SMC Academy of Medical Sciences, Vijayawada
  9. Received Best Teacher Award twice – 1996 & 2000.
  10. Gave Radio Talks on Common Health Problems in All India Radio (Hepatitis, Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart Diseases, Rabies etc.
  11. Attended International Satellite Conferences of ADA at Shanghai, Switzerland, Hongkong, Singapore, Amsterdam

In 2001 :

  1. A CME programme on Pulmonary Manifestations of HIV – at Global Medicare Centre, Vijayawada on 12-08-2001

In 2002 :

  1. EMCP – Training to Medical Officers of PHC’s -17-12-2002 – Malaria – Case Management and Specific treatment.
  2. Session on GORD & Bronchial Asthma – Spintwins and community acquired Pneumonia – Recent concepts on 22-12-2002 – A CME programme of Respiratory Diseases.

In 2003 :

  1. Type 2 Diabetes Fixed dose combination – The Indian Scenario – Round Table meet on 09-03-2003 as Co-Ordinator
  2. Etoricoxib – 19-03-2004 – In the Management of Pain – as Chairperson
  3. World Anti T.B. Day – CME Programme on 24-03-2003
  4. Novomix-30 – Premix Analougue – on 16-11-2003 as Chairperson
  5. Newer sights – Managements of Type 2 Diabetes – on 23-11-2003 at Palkol by Otsira Gyneyica
  6. A CME on Candesartan Cilexetil as Speaker on 25-01-03 by Dr.Reddy’s Lab
  7. CME on Rabies and its management as Speaker on 11-11-2003 by Human Biologicals Institute
  8. A CME Programme on Hypertension JNC –VII – as Speaker on 20-07-03.
  9. A CME Programme on DMARDs- Discussions as Speaker on 18-10-2003 at D.V.Manor
  10. A Symposium on World Osteoporosis Day  a lecture on 20-10-2003 on Recent trends in management of Osteoporosis by Crystacal.
  11. A Scientific Programme on prevention of CV Events with perindopril – the Evidence from Europa study as Chairman – on 13-12-2003 at Hotel D.V.Manor by Serdia Pharmaceuticals
  12. A Guest Lecture on Newer insights in Antihypertensive Therapy – ALL HAT Trail on 26-04-2003 by IPCA Lab.
  13. Dr.T.Srinivasan Memorial Oration by Dr.G.Eswar on 13-08-2003 at Kakinada
  14. A Symposium on JNC VII Hypertension (Current Guidelines) on 10-08-2003 at D.V.Manor by Zydus-Medica
  15. A Panel Discussion on Management of Vertigo- as Chairperson on 13-04-2003 at Hotyel Manorama.
  16. Management of Coronary diseases in Patients with Diabetic Mellitus – as Chairperson on 03-08-2003.

In 2004 :

  1. Global Risk management of Hypertension – Speaker – 31-10-2001 at Hotel D.v.Manor, by Reddy’s Lab
  2. A Symposium – Statins : Not just for Cholesterol any more on 16-06-04 at D.V.Manor as Speaker
  3. Secondary Hypertension – Endocrine Aspect – as Chairperson at Hotel Swarna Palace.
  4. A CME on New Drug in the treatment of Hypertension on 01-08-2004 at Hotel Sindhuri, Guntur.
  5. HIV & Tuberculosis – A guest lecture on 24-03-2004 at IMA Hall, Vijayawada on World TB Day.
  6. Managing Serious infections and Role of AZTREWNAM as speaker on 20-03-2004 at Hotel D.V.Manor by AZENAM
  7. A CME on Acute Coronary Syndrome – Management in 2004 at 24-01-2004 by NIKORAN
  8. Panel Dsicussion “ Allopathic Medicine, their rational usage and Drug Policy” on the eve of World Consumer’s Day on 14-03-2004 at IMA Hall , Vijayawada.
  9. A Scientific Forum on Newer insight into Type 2 Diabetes Management as Speaker on 28-03-2004 by Aventis
  10. Newer Molecules in Cardiac care – Chairperson on 25-07-2004 at Hotel DV Manor by Otsira Genetica
  11. A CME Programme on Management of ACS – the Latest perspective antithrombolitic therapy as Chairperson on 11-07-2004 at Hotel Ilapuram, Vijayawada by Zydus CND.
  12. An interactive session on “ Treat to target with Insulin Glagine (Lantus) (get to HbA1C goal) as Moderator on 17-10-2004 at Hotel D.V.Manor by Aventis

In 2005:

  1. CMe Imaging – Up date -2005 CT Vs MRI – Why and When in CNS Disorders Panelists – as Moderator on 11-09-2005
  2. Results of Trials – Practice Imp-lication (Evidence base –ACEI Vs ARB) as Moderator on 19-06-2004 at Hotel D.V.Manor
  3. An Scientific Session – Why are Type 2 Diabetes susceptible to CAD ?-as Cahirperson on 31-07-2005 at Hotel D.V.Manor, by Serdia Pharmaceuticals
  4. A Scientific session on Lipids-diabetes Mellitus and Coronary Artery disease in India as Chairperson on 13-03-2005 by Elillilly
  5. Post Exposure Prophylaxis on HIV – as Speaker on 11-06-2005 by Sun group at Hotel Minarva
  6. A CME programme on Post Prandial Hyperglycemia : Clinical Significance of delaying glucose absorption as Chairperson on 04-06-2005.
  7. CME on  Man – Antibiotics – Bacteria ? - Speaker on 12-03-2005 at DV Manor by Glenmark Pharmaceuticals
  8. A Scientific session on scientific management of Obesity – as Speaker on 16-04-2005 at Hotel Ilapuram, by Abott India
  9. Guest Lecture on Scourage of the 21st century?-on World Health Day on 07-04-2005 by Abott
  10. A Scientific session – Why are T2 Diabetics susceptible to CAD? As Chairperson on 31-07-2005 by Serdia Pharmaceuticals
  11. A Scientific programme on Leptospirosis at A.P.Chapter- API Midterm Conference on 12-08-2005.

In 2006 :

  1. Vakamudi Tripura Sundari Memorial Regional CME in Medicine on 26-03-2006 at Guntur – A lecture on Hypertension – Revised
  2. Pycnogenol – A Newer Antioxidant – as Speaker on 08-01-2006 by Arian
  3. Early initiation of Insulin – Why, When and How? – as Speaker on 08-10-2006 by Novonordisk Workshop on Diabetes
  4. HIV/Natural History clinical – as Speaker at Training Programme for the PHC’s
  5. A CME programme on HOP_TOO trial by Dr.G.Eswar on 11-03-2006 by Sanofi-aventis Pharma Ltd.
  6. A Scientific programme on “ Geriatric Pharmacology” as Chairperson on 12-03-06 by Alembic Pharma.
  7. Recent Advances in Asthma Management Sleep-Recent Advances in O.S.A.” – as Chairperson on 26-11-2006 in API Chapter Vijayawada
  8. Guidelines and Hypertension Management – as Speaker on 09-12-2006 by Dr.Reddy’s Lab
  9. Conducted API, Krishna on 1996 and 19-08-2006 – as Chairperson.


In 2007:

  1. Management of Diabetes : State of the Nation – Guest Speaker on 22-04-2007 by Novonordisk
  2. Rational antibiotic therapy – as speaker on 30-02-2007 by MILIEUS Pharma
  3. A symposium on Hypertension – as Moderator – on 01-07-2007 at IMA Hall
  4. Lecture on Hypertension – as Chief Guest – on 04-08-2007 on Lion’s Club of VJA Division
  5. Sweet & Bitter sides of Diabetes – as Speaker on 02-12-2007 at IMA, Chirala, Dr.Sajja Sudhakara Rao Gold Medal Oration programme
  6. Management of Sympathetic over drive in Essential Hypertension as – Speaker- on 25-03-2007 by Astra Zeneca
  7. Walking- Helath – As Speaker on 01-04-2007 – V.R.S.Engineering Walkers Club, Kanuru
  8. Newer Insulin’s in Type 2 Diabetes – as Speaker – on 05-08-2007 at Regional Academic Conference at Ongole.
  9. Management of Diabetes : State of Nation – as Guest Speaker – on 15-07-2007 by Novonordisk
  10. Diabetes Complications and Insulin in Analogues – as Speaker on 12-10-2007 by Novonordisk
  11. Diabetes Complications & Insulin in analogues – as Speaker on 12-10-2007 by Novonordisk
  12. Novel Antianginal therapy – as Chairperson on 07-07-07 by Ranozex
  13. A Guest lecture on Sympathetic over drive in essential hypertension – on 25-03-2007 by API, VJA chapter
  14. CME Programme on Management of peripheral arterial Disease – as Chief Guest on 05-05-2007 by IPCA Laboratories.

In 2008 :

  1. Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Management – as Speaker on 27-04-2008 at IMA Hall, Tenali
  2. Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, Physiologic Role of Incretin hormones, Incretin based for management of Type-2DM and the role of DPP-4 inhibitors – as scientific meeting on 01-06-2008 by MSD Pharma
  3. Prevention of Atherothrombosis – Role of Statins – Relevance of Jupitar Trial – as Cahir person on 27-12-08 by API, Krishna Chapter.
  4. OAD and or ? Insulin Why, When and How? – as Speaker on 17-08-2008-Diabetes Update, 4th Annual CME of CDF, Guntur.
  5. Gestational Diabetes – as Speaker on 28-09-2008 by Novonordisk, Vijayawada Obst & Gynic Society.
  6. Thrombocytopenia – Symposium – by Dr.G.Eswar on 05-10-2008 on the occasion of Dr.Sirivella Narasimha Rao Memorial Annual Refresher Course for GeneralPractitioners -2008 by IMC, Vijayawada

In 2009 :

  1. Extra Esophagal manifestation of GERD – as Chair person on 24-01-2009 by Solaris Pharma
  2. HTN in General and HTN Pregnancy – as Speaker on 25-01-2009 by Vijayawada Obst & Gynic Association
  3. A CME Programme on “Update on Malaria “ – as Speaker on 12-07-2009 at IMA Hall, Vijayawada
  4. A CME Update onClinical Approach on Hypertension – as Speaker on

 12-07-2009  at Gateway Hotel, Vijayawada by Redimed.

  1. A CME Programme on Managing Hyperglycemic spikes in Early Diabetics for Comprehensive control – as Speaker on 25-07-2009 at GatewayHotel, Vijayawada by Bayer Health Care
  2. A Panel Discussion on Nebivolol  - as Chief Guest – on 27-08-2009 at Hotel DV Manor, Vijayawada
  3. Attended 20th I.D.F. , Montrial, Canada from Oct18 to 22.

In 2010 :

  1. A CME Programme on Hypertensive Disorders in Pregnancy –Role of Labetalol – as Speaker – on 07-02-2010 at D.V.Manor, Vijayawada
  2. Vakamudi Tripura Sundari Memorial Endowment Oration & CME Program –

Man- Malaria –Millennium – at Govt.Genral Hospital, Guntur.

  1. Roots Health Services Award 2010 on Doctor’s Day 11th July, 2010


In 2011 :

  1. Insulin Summit – Diabetes Pat, Present and Future -  14th Apr, 2011 Vijayawada
  2. Scope of Medicine and Future Avenues – 5th Aug, 2011, Dr PSIMS & RF, Vijayawada
  3. When more than 2 becomes too many – Diabetes – 27th Aug, 2011
  4. Contemporary issues in Statins – Chaired Panel Discussion – 24th Sept, 2011
  5. Sweet and Bitter sides of Diabetes – Mamatha Medicon 2011 MMC Khammam – 15th Oct, 2011
  6. New Treatment Approaches in Hypertension Management, 23rd Nov, 2011 – Chaired CME, Vijayawada
  7. Prevent Death caused by Diabetic complications – 23rd Dec, 2011 – Vijayawada


In 2012 :

  1. CME on Diabetes Obesity – Role of Incretince – 4th Mar 2012 Vijayawada
  2. Regional CME for PG General Medicine – Understanding Diabetes – Still Elusive – 22nd Apr, 2012 – Dr PSIMS & RF
  3. Hypertensive Crisis – CME Programme – API – 9th June 2012
  4. Oral Hypoglycemic Agents and CV Safety – Cardinext Seminar – 29th Sept, 2012
  5. Upper G I Bleed Seminar – 29th September 2012
  6. Panel discussion – Short fevers of the season – Chair person – 30th September, 2012 IMA
  7. Management of Insomnia – Sleep Disorders – 17th Nov, 2012
  8. Role of newer Carbapenem in Era of Antibiotic resistance 24th Dec, 2012 Vijayawada
  9. Course Director – National Diabetes Educated Programme (NEDP) in collaboration with IDF 2011 to 2013 – Trained 30 students

In 2013 :

  1. Diabetic Workshop – PGs in Medicine and Interns – SMC Vijayawada 24th March 2013
  2. Calcium Channel Blockers – Benefits beyond BP control – Panel discussion 28th Mar, 2013
  3. Health education Programme – Haematological Diseases – 27th Apr, 2013 – Vasavya Nursing Home, Vijayawada
  4. Diabetes  Treatment Past, Present and Future – 14th Apr, 2013 -API Krishna District Chapter – IMA, Vijayawada
  5. Obesity, The plague of 21st century – 31st Jul, 2013, Dr PSIMS & RF, Vijayawada
  6. Panel Discussion Hypertension – 29th December, 2013, Vijayawada
  7. Taken 800 Post Graduate Bedside Clinics after super annuation from January 2011 to January 2013 in NRI Medical College (China Kakani), Siddhartha Medical college (Vijayawada), Dr PSIMS & RF (China Outipalli) and Kakatiya Medical College, Warangal


Administrative Experience:

Ø  As mentioned earlier, I worked as Principal In–Charge in Siddhartha Medical College, Vijayawada from 01-07-2004 to 31-10-2006 and 01-05-2008 to 23-06-2008

Ø  During this period I initiated and conducted 12 CDS meetings which was an opportunity for team work and instrumental in bringing radical changes in infrastructure of the College (Laboratories, Reading Room, Library and Sports Centre)

Ø  I was associated with 8MCI inspections during my tenure and made this Undergraduate College to a full pledged Post Graduate Institute, now having 12 PG disciplines

Ø  During my tenure, I conducted 4 All India Inter University Sports meets and 2 National Archery meets in the campus

Ø  I also conducted MEDHA – Medical Exhibition,

Ø  Established and enhanced the facilities of the Library both UG & PG

Ø  I am instrumental in expanding the infrastructure by the way of construction of two PG Hostels (Men & Women),  Nursing College and Hostel and a Modern Forensic Medicine Block and Central Diagnostic Block in this Hospital.

Ø  I also worked as In-Charge Superintendent, Govt. General Hospital, Vijayawada from 01-11-2006 to 28-08-2008 and conducted 15 HDS Meetings to bring in the teamwork and accountability.

Ø  In this period, I started the Trauma Care Unit and initiated 3 Superspeciality units i.e, Neurology, Gastroenterology and Plastic Surgery.

Ø  I also initiated and completed Central Diagnostic Block which was opened by Hon’ble Chief Minister Dr. Y.S.Raja Sekhar Reddy


Specialty Interest:

1. Heamatology, Diabetology, Hypertension

             2. Patient Education
























As an Administrator:


            I worked as Principal In-charge in Siddhartha Medical College, Vijayawada from 01-07-2004 to 31-10-2006 and 01-05-2008 to 25-06-2008 during this period I initiated and conducted 12 CDS meetings and associated and instrumental in bringing radical changes in infrastructure of the College (Laboratories, Reading Room, Library and Sports Centre) and I was associated with 8 MCI inspections during my tenure and made this Undergraduate college to a full pledged Post Graduate Institute, now having 12 PG disciplines. During my tenure, I conducted 4 All India Inter University Sports meets and 2 National Archery meets in the campus.  I also conducted MEDHA – Medical Exhibition, established and enhanced the facilities of the Library both UG & PG. 

            During my tenure I am  instrumental in expanding the infrastructure by the way of construction of 2 P.G.Hostels (Men & Women) ,Nursing College and Hostel and a Modern Forensic Medicine Block and Central Diagnostic Block in this hospital.


            I also worked as In-charge Superintendent from   01-11-2006 to 28-08-2008 and conducted 15 HDS Meetings also. In that period I started the Traumacare Unit and initiated 3 superspeciality units i.e., Neurology, Gastroenterology and Plastic Surgery.I also initiated and completed Centra Diagnostic Block which was opened by Hon’ble Chief Minister Sri.Y.S.Rajasekhara Reddy.




Contact details:

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Medical Superintendent, Dr. PSIMS & RF
Chinna Avutapalli,
Gannavaram Mandal, Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh. 524002
Off: 08676-257311

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